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We are bringing you a completely digital experience with PCM Training Online.  100% remote. 100% human. Join us from the comfort of your home and meet new professionals. Do you want to learn the facts about PCM and increase your knowledge? Do you believe in PCM? Imagine the possibilities of knowing such a powerful communication tool. We like having fun! You can start using PCM from day one! Led by our COO and PCM Master Trainer, it will be an engaging and interactive way to learn PCM.

Interested in becoming a PCM Certified Trainer or Coach?

PCM Profile

Your PCM Profile and one-hour consultation will help you explore and develop the unique facets of your personality and develop your communication skills. The PCM Profile focuses on self-awareness and provides the first view of positive and distress behaviors. This is a great introduction to the Process Communication Model. Your  investment includes PCM Questionnaire, your PCM Profile and one hour debriefing with a PCM Certified Trainer.

for special individual pricing.

PCM 1: Core Topics

Core Topics will enable the user to develop a foundation of adaptive communication skills. This foundational course teaches individuals to better understand themselves, identify negative stress indicators, and how to motivate yourself and others. Through constructive communication strategies, you will learn how to manage your own behaviors and that of others. You will learn the process to return to positive and productive communication. This is a 3-day PCM Course. Course will be 50% theory and 50% exercises; taught in an entertaining and engaging way. No prerequisites.

PCM 2: Advanced Topics

Participants will further explore the Process Communication Model® and develop new skills for constructive conflict resolution, how to manage problematic relationships and how to find the best solutions. You will learn the types and stages of distress that lead to conflict, discover new insights of your own personality, apply tools for identifying the personality structure of others, and how to resolve conflicts. Course length is 2 days. Prerequisite is PCM 1 Core Topics.

Discover PCM

This seminar explains the participant’s personality structure, strengths, perceptions, motivational needs, and stressors. The focus of the seminar is on self, not assessing or interacting with others, and is great for large groups to get an introduction into PCM principles. This active and engaging seminar blends concepts with practical exercises that illustrate how communication and stress management can be used to greatly improve your personal and professional life. Course can be taught in 1 or 2 days. No prerequisites.

High Performing Teams

This seminar is designed to improve the performance of the team, and create cohesion and engagement amongst the team. Team will learn PCM skills and understand their own personality structure and that of their teammates. Team will be taught the importance of different personality types, psychological needs, perceptions and channels. The six major conflicts of groups are identified and formulas are presented to resolve them and enhance effective communication and productivity. Course can be taught in 1-2 days, or in 4-hour modules. No prerequisites.

PCM Sales

This training program is designed to teach salespeople how to use The Process Communication Model approach, facilitate sales communication, adapt sales to different types of customer personalities, sell to customers who seem to be unlike us, and adapt our approach to gain customer loyalty. PCM Sales is designed to increase sales effectiveness. No prerequisites.

PCM Trainer Certification

Become an expert in the Process Communication Model. This course is for individuals seeking to improve their own training and coaching skills and deliver our world class trainings to your clients. PCM Trainers are able to facilitate group trainings and one-on-one trainings. PCM’s adaptive communicationskills are life changing and will improve relationships personally and professionally. Trainer Certification is 6 days. Prerequisites: PCM 1 and PCM 2.



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