Erica Hartford

HR Associate, Employee Experience

at Axis Communications

Very excited to be learning more about how we can leverage PCM during the interview process and beyond. We’re being taught by Jérôme Lefeuvre, one of the top leaders in the Process Communication Model, and it is very exciting to learn from someone who literally wrote the book on the material. Also, this training room has an amazing view of Boston too which serves as an impressive backdrop for an equally impressive topic.



Kerri Sutherland

Talent Partner

at Axis Communications

Jérôme is the only person I would want to be stuck in a room with for two days learning about the Process Communication Model. In fact, we need more than 2 days. At first, I was unsure what the training would convey, as I only had a high-level overview of PCM. It is no secret that communication is a hot topic in both office and personal relationships, and PCM opened my eyes to a new level of interactions. Jérôme made the days fly by with his endless amounts of energy, interactive activities, videos, and psychology facts. Weeks later, our team is still talking about our different floors, phases, and distresses. I am looking forward to using the knowledge Jérôme provided to not only hire better candidates, but also improve communication with my co-workers, friends, and family members.


Noémie Escaith

MBA Candidate at HEC Paris

Lab2Biz - Brainspire/ReCréer

CEO Role

I had been familiar with MBTI or DISC and found them to be interesting, creative and accurate most of the time; episodically enlightening to understand why some tasks lacked interest for me at work but with not much more use. At first, I considered Process Communication Model (“PCM”) as another introspective self-report in order to assess psychological preferences. Victoria’s workshop made all the difference; she gave us a comprehensive toolbox, with clear illustrations, to use the results.


As we had an intensive 3-month project, loss of time due to conflict was a luxury we could not afford. We were able to leverage PCM by considering our warning signals and take measures in order to never go beyond the “doorway of distress” level. Detecting the warning signals and adapting our communication in order to satisfy psychological needs made it possible. I strongly believe our team was able to confront opinions and take decisions in a healthy manner thanks to the relative low distress level achieved via PCM. Unfortunately, we did not have time to fully grasp PCM and organize task attribution to improve performance.


Although the workshop was done to improve communication and group work, I believe PCM had its most significant impact at individual level. Being “Persister” base and “Harmonizer” phase, the distress sequence was an eye-opener for me; when looking back at my 7 years of professional career, I realised most difficult episodes when I doubted myself were linked to moments where I was continuously in “basement” or “cellar” distress phase. Acknowledging my behaviours were survival techniques and not rational allowed me to take a step back. During the project it also allowed me to maintain perspective; I naturally take the blame on me as other members of my team blame others when in distress mode. A potentially explosive situation! Action plan given by Victoria is one of the nicest highlight of MBA experience. As a career switcher, it is a valuable element to consider when selecting my next job and company.




Chris Burt, SPHR, SCP

GM Financial, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer

Highly recommend! My senior team recently completed a workshop with Dave on the Process Communication Model (PCM). HR Leaders can be a skeptical lot, especially as it relates to profiles, leadership, and communication (things we typically regard ourselves as being good at). However, this program opened up some doors for us that far exceeded our expectations.


The work and post training results that we realized through our PCM training with Dave, was the most beneficial personal and professional development investment we made in our senior leadership team during my tenure as Chief Human Re-sources Officer at GM Financial! PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there. It has become a part of the language of our organization.


When I was considering to invest in this training my major barrier was,….how do I get my senior staff away from their jobs for three days!? My senior staff are geo-graphically dispersed, incredibly busy, and the associated costs in pulling it off. However, after the completion of this training it is an investment that "hands down" I would invest in again!


Through this investment the team was able to blow through roadblocks that had inhibited higher levels of productivity, healthy conflict, achieving meaningful strategic outcomes, and undertaking creative redesign of our way of "thinking".


What I liked most about working with Dave is that he brings instant operational credibility to the application of human behavior from his extensive leadership experience in high risk, high tempo environments. He has the unique ability to apply the concepts such that they have direct and immediate application in our world.


I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level!

Marcos Pontes

Astronaut & Cosmonaut, Soyuz TMA 8 - ISS Expedition 13 - 2006

The Process Communication Model is a powerful tool for various activities. Throughout my career as a pilot and astronaut, my life has always been literally in the hands of my team. Having a tool like PCM allows a great communication efficiency, which is one of critical points for working with a team.

Rebecca Amis

MUSE School, Co-Founder & President

The process communication model is a way of life. on any given day, I am using PCM in all of my interactions whether personal or professional. i love teaching and promoting it at the MUSE high school as it gives these young people a whole new approach to their peers, families and teachers. at the end of the day, PCM has changed my life!


The Process Communication Model is a powerful tool for various activities. Throughout my career as a pilot and astronaut, my life has always been literally in the hands of my team. Having a tool like PCM allows a great communication efficiency, which is one of critical points for working with a team.

Suzy Amis Cameron

MUSE School, Founder & Board Chair

Having the tools of PCM is a total Game Changer! I use it every day with my family. and, with a house full of teenagers it comes in very handy! I also use it with friends and every aspect of my work from one-on-one meetings to group meetings to speeches to marketing.  And lastly, I am hyper aware of my distress sequence which is so helpful with radical self care!


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