Process Communication Model® Certified Trainer

As a Process Communication Model Certified Trainer, you will learn life changing communication skills that will give you and your clients a leading edge. You will be able to train and coach people to develop a foundation of Adaptive Communications Skills. Our PCM Trainer Certification program will teach you how to use the model to motivate yourself and others, recognize reactions to stress, predict distress behaviors, develop skills to manage stress, and invite others out of stress. As a PCM Certified Trainer, you will have access to PCM Seminars, Training Materials, and our Personality Profile Inventory. Once certified, you’ll have access to 6 free webinars per year to reinforce your PCM skills. Plus, you get 10 free profiles ($1500 value) for practice training.


There are 4 modules to complete to become a PCM Certified Trainer. If you have already completed PCM 1 and PCM 2, you only need to register for the Trainer Certification module, which includes PCM Practice and Implementation (step 3) and Trainer Certification (step 4).


Are you already a recognized professional coach? You will automatically be certified as a Process Communication Model® Coach along with your trainer certification.

Process Communication Model® Training Includes:

Process Communication Model® 8 Components 2-page personality structure

Process Communication Model® Key To Me Profile, a 30-page individual booklet including action plans to improve quality of life

Process Communication Model® Level 1 Manual

Process Communication Model® Level 2 Manual

Process Communication Model® Memo Pocket Card

Understand To Be Understood book by Gérard Collignon and Pascal Legrand

A set of PowerPoint slides to use during your presentations

Ten free Key To Me Profiles

Training Program

During this 10-day program, consisting of three modules, participants will be introduced to the PCM model and learn how to apply the principles of PCM in your work and private relationships. Participants will develop essential life changing skills that form the foundation of social-emotional intelligence. Participants will then explore dealing with distress, how to connect, motivate and resolve conflict, and how to identify failure patterns to determine the appropriate intervention and prevention strategies. Finally, participants complete the certification program, demonstrating their ability to deliver the PCM modules and to implement PCM principles with their audience during their presentation.

PCM Certified Trainer Topics Include:

Understand the basics of Communication

How to develop Positive Communication

How to motivate using Psycholigical Needs

Understand and manage Distress, Miscommunication, Misunderstanding, and Conflict

Identifying failure patterns by analyzing language, both written and verbal

How to manage difficult situations: "How to say...?"

Understand Phase Issues and Developmental Stages

How to apply PCM in a practical way to meet specific learning objectives

How to recognize Driver Behavior and use the appropriate Communication Channel and Perception


During the final day of certification training, participants will be required to pass a written questionnaire and successfully complete a practical exam demonstrating their ability to present selected topics of the
Process Communication Model® in front of their peers and the Master Trainer.


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