Over 1.4 million profiles produced by over 4,000 trainers in 54 countries, 24 languages.

Why become a
Certified PCM Trainer?

By becoming a Process Communication Model® Certified Trainer you will be joining a network of over 4,000 trainers and coaches from all over the world, a network which is instrumental in spreading the benefits of the Process Communication Model® worldwide.


Our trainer certification is now a completely digital experience with PCM Certification Online! 100% remote. 100% human. Join us from the comfort of your home or office and help other discover the power of PCM, the only model that originated from behavioral observation. Contact us for more information and how to register for our next virtual certification training.


Please contact us to become a Certified Trainer.


Trainer Certification Schedule

Virtual PCM Trainer Certification

October, November, December 2020

January, February, March 2021


Virtual PCM Coach Certification

September, October 2020


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