What We Do

Through our various training seminars, we help individuals and organizations improve their communication strategies with a wholistic approach to adaptive communication. PCM will enable the user to build positive personal connections with anyone.


With our PCM Training Program for Organizations, PCM helps individuals improve their leadership and communication skills, create cohesion among teams, and improve employee engagement. PCM helps organizations overcome departmental silos, organizational restructures, and create high performing teams through improved communication strategies.


With our PCM Certified Trainer Program, we specialize in training individuals to be PCM Certified Trainers and be able to deliver our world class trainings to their clients.


Our Mission

Develop a certified Process Communication Model® network, which delivers seminars, coaching and recruitment service with this tool, to improve the quality of professional and personal life and performance for companies.

As Kahler Communications, Inc. we will:

Maintain our reputation of benevolence and integrity

Encourage creativity of our team and our partners

Continue to develop our expertise

Be empowered to fulfill our dreams

Find solutions to meet the needs of our customers

Help our customers develop themselves positively


Cyril Collignon

President, Kahler Communications, Inc. & Kahler Communications Europe

  • Cyril manages the global Development of Process Communication Model®.
  • Process Communication Model® Master Trainer certified, he provides certification of Process Communication Model® Train-the-Trainer sessions.
  • He is passionate about psychology and obtained a Master of Economics from Sorbonne University.
  • He joined Kahler Communications France in 2004 as the manager of the training center.
  • He joined the Process Communication Model® trainer-consultant team in 2006.
  • Also certified in Interqualia, trained in Berne Theoretical Organization, behavioral and neurocognitive approach, and a public speaking trainer, Cyril is a well-rounded trainer.
  • In 2012 Cyril become President of Kahler Communications Europe
  • In 2016 Cyril become president of Kahler Communications, Inc.
  • Cyril enjoys the human development and multicultural richness of his position.

Dr. Taibi Kahler

President Emeritus, Kahler Communications, Inc.

  • Dr. Kahler is the originator of the Process Communication Model® and Process Therapy Model™.
  • He is a Clinical Psychologist and Process Communication Model® Certifying Master Trainer, and provides certification of Process Communication Model® Master Trainer sessions.
  • Dr. Kahler holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Child Development and Family Life from Purdue University.
  • In 1977, Dr. Kahler received the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award.
  • He worked with Dr. Terry McGuire, NASA's Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Spaceflight.
  • He's held memberships in four high I.Q. societies, and received the 2006 Hall of Fame Award from Intertel.
  • Dr. Kahler has authored 4 books, in five languages, and more than 80 articles and other publications.
  • He has presented at 130 national and international conventions.
  • Dr. Kahler has been communication advisor and friend to former President Clinton and acted as an advisor to his Presidential campaigns in the field of psychodemographics.

Mickaël Dufourneaud

Chief Operating Officer, Kahler Communications, Inc &

Kahler Communications, Europe

Kahler Communication Group Master Trainer

  • Process Communication Model® Master Trainer. Certifies PCM trainers and coaches.
  • Mickael is also a NLP Master Practitioner and Management & Wellness coach.
  • Mickael worked for a training company in Paris for 5 years as a consultant responsible for creating, training, organizing, selling and following the quality of personal development and soft skills training.
  • Today he has trained more than 10,000 people over 13 years on different subjects from public speaking to communication management and management skills.
  • He has been studying comedy since he was 11 years-old with passion and talent. Involved in transmitting his faith in Emotional Intelligence Mickael integrates comedy and emotion expressions in his training method.
  • Master in Information and Communication science, La Sorbonne University, Paris.
  • Drama school graduate and vocal coach, 19 years experience as an actor.

Heather Cuccias

Business Development Manager, Kahler Communications, Inc.

  • Heather joined the KCI team in 2017 as the Business Development Manager.
  • She provides support and marketing initiatives to grow PCM in the U.S.
  • She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Auburn University.
  • Heather’s sales and customer service experience comes from spending the last 10 years as a Bank Manager.
  • Heather brings sales, marketing, and customer service skills to grow our US Market. She sees the value of PCM and is excited to help others to learn PCM. She is committed to helping our trainers, coaches, and distributors also be successful in growing their PCM business.
  • Heather is married and has three wonderful children. She enjoys spending time with family, painting, and going to the beach.
  • Heather is your primary contact for trainer related requests for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia. Contact Heather at

Melissa Martin

Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant, Kahler Communications, Inc.

  • Melissa joined the Kahler Communications team in January 2018 as bookkeeper and administrative assistant.
  • She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock
  • Melissa has spent the majority of her career working for trade and membership organizations.
  • She enjoys traveling and spending time with family.
  • Melissa is your primary contact for financial related requests for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia.

Eric Eckberg

IT Manager Kahler Communications, Inc.

  • Eric has been the contract software developer and technical consultant for Kahler Communications since 1994.
  • Joined Kahler Communications full time in February 2015 as IT Manager for KCI.
  • Has worked in the IT industry since 1982 as a software developer and consultant in a number of industries including manufacturing, education, healthcare, legal and software development.
  • Eric and his wife Julie enjoy traveling, hiking, camping and geocaching.

Céline Pelletier

Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper

Kahler Communications, Europe

  • Céline is the administrative assistant of Kahler Communication Europe and Kahler Communications, Inc. together with Melissa Martin. She joined the team in 2011.
  • As Cyril Collignon’s assistant, she provides support in the development of the Process Communication Model worldwide.
  • After 4 years in England, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Civilization.
  • With a background in the catering industry, Céline has strong customer service and relationship-building skills.
  • Céline is your main contact for any administrative-related requests for Europe.
  • She particularly enjoys studying human behavior and child psychology.

Kevin Bilhaut

Sales and Marketing, Kahler Communications Europe

  • Kevin joined the KCE team in 2020 in the sales and marketing department.
  • He provides marketing and communication support to develop PCM around the world.
  • Kevin studied international trade in France.
  • He was responsible for Europe, the Middle East and India for eight years.
  • Kevin brings a new vision on commercial development and communication to promote the PCM model through his international experience..



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